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Stick To Your Resolutions!

Everyone always starts the new year with great intentions. Most times our resolution is to start to exercise and begin a diet.  Unfortunately, by March we’ve lost our way. Unless we change our lifestyle, we will fall short of accomplishing our goals.  

The trick is to find ways to keep ourselves in check. Here are a few pointers that have worked for me over the years.

1-Make goals attainable.  
Start with once or twice a week.  Be realistic about the time you have to spend on exercising.

2-Diets don’t work
Food choices should be healthy ones. Keep meals balanced. Please don’t skip meals! Our metabolisms needs a steady flow of food to burn. 

3-Start moving
It doesn’t matter what it is.  It could be walking around the block after dinner… Biking, Zumba, treadmill, whatever works. Just move!

4-Start a simple weight training plan.
Hire a trainer to get started. If that is not an option, maybe join a gym that has weight machines.  Most machines are pretty user friendly. If the gym isn’t your thing, check out my Instagram: michifitbits or Youtube channel: MichelleSalom for simple, easy to follow exercises.

5- Give yourself reminders.  Smart phones can help.
Make exercise an appointment and send reminder alerts. A consistent exercise time can create a habit, like brushing teeth. Remember it takes about 21 days to create a routine. 

Don’t give up! Love yourself! And find the strength to stick to a plan for a fabulous you!  

Let’s help and encourage each other. What are some of your resolutions and where have you found success?

In health and love…

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