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Success Begins with Your Smile | Written by Rita Dargham, DMD

Yes, it does!

Your smile is your superpower!

The act of smiling is one associated with numerous benefits. One, in particular, is its ability to help make you more successful. You strive, on many different levels, to find ways to achieve greater success in your careers and within the workplace.  Little do you know that the simple things in life may produce the greatest effects.  Your smile is an innate expression requiring only 17 facial muscles to produce.  As opposed to the 43 muscles you require to frown, the act of smiling comes cheap! And, once there, it produces certain emotions that can only serve you well. These are commonly known as happiness, joy, excitement, and even embarrassment.

Regarding its role in your success, the smile is your greatest asset.  Think about the smile you see across the desk when trying to conduct business, or when you’re attempting to impress that important client or colleague. When allowed to peak through, your smile will:

  • Make you more memorable
  • Allow for short bursts of communication within the workplace and during important business meetings
  • Promote positivity that makes you more popular
  • Enable positive emotions that reveal your trustworthiness among your colleagues
  • Promote your confidence
  • Reveal your conscientiousness
  • Show your ability to tackle various obstacles successfully

Your smile can reveal all these and more.  There are several measures of success; however, very few are simply revealed and trusted as what genuinely comes from within.  Smile! And do it several hundred times a day; what it can achieve is wondrous. It is the greatest measure of your success!

Remember, “Your Smile Should Be One You’d Be Proud to Wear…ANYWHERE!”

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