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FemCity Syracuse

Welcome to your FemCity // Exclusively Created Just for You

Let’s Grow Business In Positivity With Other FEMS

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About FemCity // SYRACUSE

Welcome to FemCity® Syracuse.

I am thrilled to welcome you to our amazing group of business women!

Our Femfessionals City is designed to connect & support women as they create authentic, purposeful relationships that help them grow their businesses.

I am here as a support to help you thrive in your business by connecting to real and authentic women.  I believe you deserve the inspiring support and heart centered connections to educate and empower you. It is our intent to provide events and resources that allow women to connect in this way.

FemCity Syracuse does not focus on making a sale or collecting business cards: instead, we discuss the “whys” & “hows” of what it’s like to be a woman in business. We are a Sisterhood of women supporting women for prosperity and business success.

What to Expect from my leadership and our board:
Every woman needs a place to get support, grow her business, vent, learn, connect, and collaborate. SYR Femfessional events and meetings are designed to help educate, grow your business, and make connections in a gratitude filled, positive and trusted space. We want you to talk about your business, share where you need help, and find useful resources.

It is my goal as President of FemCity Syracuse to help you rise to the top of your business, become an amazing success and stand in the spotlight.

Feel free to contact me personally!

Have questions or suggestions? EMAIL: syracuse@femcity.com

Follow along on Facebook: Facebook.com/FemCitySyracuse

Syracuse Events

May 08



    We are thrilled that you are excited in launching a FemCity Collective in your community. Please complete the questionnaire and send to community@femcity.com. In addition, please place in the subject line, “I want to launch a FemCity Collective”. APPLY HERE -> FEMCITY-LOCAL-COLLECTIVE-LEADER-QUESTIONNAIRE Below you will also find more FAQ’s on......

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  • Our Spring Collective Edition is here!

    Our new Spring 2018 Newspaper is out and you can catch it right here. Download the digital edition of our Spring 2018 Collective Newspaper. Printed copies are shared through our local communities through the months of April + May. VIEW HERE...

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    Connect with us on Facebook for our Live Series CLICK HERE TO WATCH OUR SERIES  ...

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