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Growing Pineapples

I’m excited to share that I recently harvested my first two baby pineapples from my mini home garden and the experience was delightful. I must have planted them about a month apart because one ripened and about a month later the second was ready to eat. Even though they were...

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The Power of Networking

Networking is like a garden that we tend to with care and over time we begin to reap the rewards of what we nurtured and watered....

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Shedding the Layers

As the Holiday Season approaches quickly followed by yet another New Year many women consciously and quite worriedly or maybe subconsciously stress over the extra pounds we didn’t manage to lose this year, once again. And some of us find ourselves in agony over the new pounds that stubbornly showed...

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Top Five Website Must Haves

Is Your Website Up to Par? Your website is your 24 Hour Virtual Salesperson and the online “Face” or representation of your business, services and products. Oftentimes it’s the “First Impression” people will have of your business and the tool with which you can expand your online reach and let people...

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The Journey to Success

Success isn’t an overnight achievement, in fact many people struggle and fail repeatedly before finally reaching their desired level of success. It’s something we all dream about but unfortunately, few people have what it takes to achieve it. It’s the road less traveled that we would all love to be...

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