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Take a moment to BE.

Lately I have been in inquiry about the doing vs. being approach. I find that I am either moving at mach 10 with my hair on fire or I am at a total standstill. What gives? Is it a flow thing? Is it really necessary and/or helpful to always be productive, creative, hard at work, etc? Is it a “season” when you must be at warp speed and then you coast?

Frankly, I believe that it is Yes to all. They come and go, have an ebb and flow sort of way of being. The problem strikes when we as women and women ‘Trep’s don’t recognize our own cycle or are trying to keep up with the entrepreneurial Joneses.  Ladies, it is time we take responsibility for ourselves.  Our physical and emotional stability is the foundation of our success and we often put that dead last on the “To Do” List.  It is terribly easy to get caught up in the “When this is done, Then I will get to taking care of myself”.

Add to that the likelihood of not knowing what truly “fills the well”.  I spent years hopping from do the nails to getting massages to quiet time outside to drinks with the hubby and never felt truly taken care of or rested.  I had to learn to slow down long enough to hear what I was in need of and to honor that in that time.  Sometimes it is a half hour in nature and sometimes it is 10 days away from all of it.  If you attempt to apply the band aid of a manicure to needing a long weekend of NO BUSINESS  you are just going to feel worse.

Stop for a moment, commit to taking a few long, slow, deep, cleansing breathes.  Put it all down and wait.  Wait until that inner voice speaks to you.  It may take a bit of time.  If you don’t hear it.  Appreciate the time to connect in and try again until you do.  It sounds a lot like a whisper of a desire of something you would choose “if only” you could.  It may whisper that you should do something that scares you such as leaving the kids, hubby or boyfriend completely for a weekend.  No phone, no tablet, no computer, just you, sleep, journals, thoughts.

You can start small.  Turn your phone off for two hours.  I mean OFF.  Not on vibrate or silent.  Be aware of how that feels for you.  Ask yourself why it feels that way and do you choose that?  Work your way into a day, then a weekend.  If you must, go where you can’t use those things.  I was recently surprised when I took such a weekend to recognize how lonely I felt when I was presented with no distractions.  With all of our modern distractions I had no idea I was feeling lonely underneath it all.

So the next time you recognize a desire for self care, consider taking a moment to BE.  BE quiet, BE open to hear what is shared from your intuition, BE available to act on what you desire.


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  • Marge Dorsa / 9 August 2017 10:07

    Unplugging is not easy but necessary, and it helps us from burning out. Thanks, Rala!

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