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Taking a moment to act, not react

LISTENING IN: Taking a moment to act, not react | Interview By: Susan Rocco

According to Gordana Biernat, of “MyPowerTalk,” all that really matters is what you’re doing right now. She has spent her entire life exploring the physical reality, studying quantum physics and thinking about the relevance and impact of conscious and unconscious creation. Gordana received an M.A. in art history and art sciences, psychology, cognitive psychology, communication and media from Lund University in Sweden . As a leader and facilitator at Hyper Island Master Classes, Gordana initiated creative processes at some of the world’s top advertising agencies such as DDB Group and J. Walter Thompson. Gordana knew from a very young age that she engaged in higher thought, and that she intuitively understood the subtle energies that effect all human interactions and relations.

Here are a few of the insights I took away from my interview with Gordana:

To listen to the complete interview, go to www.women2watch.net and click on podcast.

Originally posted on Bizwomen.com. Philly Femfessional Susan Rocco is a weekly columnist for Bizwomen.com, The Business Journals. Sue Rocco is the founder, producer and host of Women to Watch, a live radio program and weekly podcast with a mission to inspire and encourage more women to pursue leadership roles worldwide.

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