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Yes, your teeth affect your career success! Written By: Rita Dargham DMD

Wouldn’t you consider it fair to say that your career success relies solely on your qualifications and performance? Well, you may now have realized that this is simply not the case in today’s world. Not only would you need to make sure these factors are in place, but you should also ascertain that the more superficial aspects of your persona are in check.  Yes, we do live in an increasingly shallow society…one we need to understand and assimilate into, regardless of your gender.  To be more precise, one element of your appearance you would want to focus on is your smile.

Knowing this arms you with the opportunity to take measures in perfecting that first impression.  Think about the times you have encountered someone for the first time.  Now, try to remember how you sized that person up.  Surely, you made initial assumptions based solely on how that person looked and acted.    You could not help it.  Normally, when one is attractive you tend to pay more attention and are typically more present.  Studies have shown that those persons assigned a more successful and positive description were those having had completed cosmetic dentistry procedures in the past as compared to those that had not.  When faced with meeting someone for the first time, those with missing, crooked, or stained teeth are not seen as attractive or successful as those with more pleasing smiles.  Incorrect assumptions about their abilities and personalities are made.  One of the first aspects you notice in one’s appearance is their mouth, whether it be how it looks or how it smells.  Knowing this can prompt you to take action as you evaluate your own.  Restoration of an unhealthy dentition is necessary and readily available today in a painless, affordable, and accessible manner.

Smile success relies not only on how yours looks but also on how proud you are to share it.  Business success has been proven to be associated with not only your performance and abilities but just as much on how personable and confident you may seem to others.  Those coming in contact with you should be able to feel your confidence and joy in conducting business with them. Smiling is one way by which you may gain their trust. Your smile draws others in and makes them feel more comfortable around you.  Are you proud of yours?  Is it business and people ready? You often ponder about ways to invest in your business; understanding the power of your smile and how to make it shine IS an investment in your future success.  Take action today and educate yourself on how to make it shine for you.

Smile success should not only depend on how your smile looks.  It is also determined by how comfortable it is for others to be around it.  Do you suffer from bad breath, also known as halitosis?  If so, rest assured that others are also suffering from it.  It is quite unpleasant to be around a person whose breath is less than rosy.  This unfortunate experience will most certainly influence your coworkers’ or clients’ perspective of you.  Furthermore, it is simply not pleasant for THEM.

Halitosis may be a result of poor oral hygiene, the consumption of certain foods, or even a systemic issue you may, or not, be aware of.  Acid reflux and sinus infections are two of the more common health issues resulting in bad breath.  Brushing twice a day ( even your tongue ), flossing once a day, and using mouthwash should stimulate a positive shift in your bacterial flora.  In turn, your breath will improve with time and so will others’ perception of you.

Simply said, a healthy and attractive smile is a must.  You will gain the confidence necessary to conduct business on a higher level and will also encourage and inspire others to do the same with you.  Proactive measures to improve the health and look of your teeth is an investment in you as a professional.  Believe me, a power smile will make the most intimidating board room, conference hall, or client meeting seem like a walk in the park.  Invest in yourself today.  Make sure “your smile is one you would be proud to wear….ANYWHERE!”


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