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THREE SIMPLE PILLARS TO MIRACLE MANIFESTING – How my recent Eye Surgery put these to the test!



How my recent Eye Surgery put these to the test!


Two months ago, I had cataract surgery on my left eye to remove an increasing blockage of light resting directly centered on my pupil.  Cataract Surgery?  I’m only 48 years old.  That’s for much older people, like much older people, right Doctor? Tis’ true she said.  However, I’m a unique case. Great I thought. Turns out my situation was congenital and apparently growing from birth causing a glaze over my eye that I thought was merely the need for stronger reading glasses. Ha. Not at all. It was much more physically and on other levels.  So, I went inward for answers and internalized this as a veil of protection going on– Spiritually speaking – What was it that I didn’t want to see?

I took this new opportunity to tune into the higher wisdom of spirit and learn what messages where here for me to go through a procedure that had the possibility of getting perfectly clear vision or the off chance of losing all sight in that eye.  Thank God the former was my outcome.  Yet there was work to do to manifest that and I rested on my pillars to lead the way.

I’ve always held the following as my divine modus operandus:

1.   Clarity of Vision

2.   Definiteness of Purpose

3.   Steadfastness of Faith


What do we want to manifest?  The building block needs to be clear.  Without vision, we just can’t see the road ahead, which direction to go, when and how.  The essence of all manifestation must to start with clarity, the knowing of what and being able to see it and more so- feel, touch, smell too -Clearly without any fuzziness, haze or blocks around it. LET THE SPOTLIGHT FLOOD THAT DESIRE!

I was clear literally and figuratively that I wanted to have vision when this was over and done with – clear, perfect unobstructed “see for miles” vision. I held that clarity proudly!



Now that we have CLARITY OF VISION – a true picture of desire, we must be definite about its purpose for our lives, knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt, that our purpose for that outcome is exactly what we want and know why, how it will be the best outcome for us and for that matter all concerned.  Know definitively that we are staying focused on our purpose with all our might, using all the tools necessary to get there (prayer, meditation, journaling, tarot). Definiteness of purpose is our pipeline to carry our clarity of vision from ground zero up towards the heavens. In my case, I was definite I wanted my vision. I needed my vision. My purpose for being here and moving humanity forward in a positive ways required physical vision.  I had definiteness of purpose.

But there’s a final piece that is going to take it straight up to the universal stratosphere.


So now, we’re clear on our vision.  We have definiteness of purpose (and some tips on how to energize that purpose) and now need the all unknowing part that really tests us because we can’t see it- FAITH.  To maintain our desire and truly manifest that miracle we seek and truly want, we need faith. Pure and simple – You need to believe without conviction that your source, God, higher power, Angels, Masters, Spirit, Jesus – whomever you believe in and seek has your back, front and sides on this.  We’re not talking pray over and over for fear your request wasn’t heard the first time.  Do it, hold it as truth and knowing that it is done and the belief you are protected at all times.  Whew.  Less pressure, right? You’ve giving it up and just have to do your part – have faith that all is in divine order.  Yes. Be steadfast about it.  This is not a halfway gesture. This is all in.  After all, we’re talking about conjuring up major miracles.  And the outcome is worth it.

 In my case, I knew that spirit led me to the perfect surgeon (who I happened to already know but didn’t know she was one of the top cataract surgeons in the country).  I knew she was taking all precautions to have a backup surgeon due to the fact congenital cataracts make the membrane thinner and can tear the membrane (yikes). I also knew that I was given a surgery date within 4 weeks of my exam instead of the six months which fell into my timeline since I was relocating out of state shortly after the one month recovery.  All the signs lead me to know that all I had to do was be steadfast in my faith that these truly were indicators I was already walking through the miracle before the surgery even occurred. Or in your case before the desired outcome arrives – YOU KNOW IT’S A DONE DEAL. THAT’S FAITH!

 If I had to add a forth pillar to the miracle manifesting steps it will be GRATITUDE. Post op, post outcome.  Without gratitude, we’re back to square one.  Looking for clarity of vision. It’s the gratitude of seeing how clear the universe provided exactly as we sought it out by us doing our part- being definite and steadfast.

I wish you tremendous success, light and love on your road to manifesting miracles. Use these pillars every day and watch the magic unfold in ways you never thought possible.


Lainie Sevante’ Wulkan is a Conscious Media Expert, Radio Show Host and Healer. She breathes transformational media, metaphysics and spiritual living. As creator and Host of Zeta Global Radio, a conscious talk show moving humanity forward in a positive light, producing and marketing films that change the world and creating music projects with her Husband, Film Composer and Music Producer, Howard Wulkan, their companies Cinder Cone Worldwide, Cinder Cone Records and Enlightened Audio & Sound provide a platform for change, peace and harmony on and for the planet. She is also part of FemCity, a women’s global networking community, which she supports at the corporate level with conscious alliances for women to gain greater global exposure of their incredible, positive works.

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