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Top Five Website Must Haves

Is Your Website Up to Par?

Your website is your 24 Hour Virtual Salesperson and the online “Face” or representation of your business, services and products. Oftentimes it’s the “First Impression” people will have of your business and the tool with which you can expand your online reach and let people know who you are, where to find you and why they need to use your products or services.

Today I want to share with you the Top Five Website Must Have’s – these are all important things that your website should have in order to captivate your audience and make a powerful connection. Stay tuned for Website Tips 6 through 10 coming soon!

#1 – Your Logo Should Be Visible Immediately

Your logo should be visible immediately to your viewers. It should be clear, clean, crisp, memorable, branded and unique to your image. You always want people to know who you are and to remember you. Your logo is a strong, powerful visual that will help you accomplish just that.

#2 – Your Contact Info Should Be Prominent

Your Contact Info should be visible immediately to your viewers. Make it very easy for people to contact you and they will! Give them your phone number, your email address and tell them exactly where to find you with a map and directions if you have a storefront. Don’t make people have to click around digging for a way to contact you.

#3 – Your Website Should Be Mobile Friendly

Your Website should be able to adapt and be visible on any device. The majority of people spend most of their online time on their mobile devices. Make sure anyone and everyone can find you online on every device and on every platform. Every website today should be mobile friendly and responsive to any web browser!

#4 – Valuable Content is a Must

Share valuable content with your readers about your business. Be sure to deliver a clear and concise message to your audience in an easy to understand format. It’s important to communicate who you are, what your business offers and why they should chose you over everyone else. Share industry news, upcoming events, specials, sales, member discounts, latest news, etc…

#5 – Use Powerful Imagery and Videos

Captivate your readers with powerful visuals. Your website should have an even balance of text and graphics to leave a visual impression on your audience, preferably one that makes an emotional connection. Use beautiful photography to showcase your products and services as well as good quality videos to grab their attention and keep them on your site a little longer. Use colorful graphics and icons to invite them to click and discover more about your business and navigate your site a little deeper.

Stay Tuned for More Website Tips – coming your way soon!

My name is Monica Garcia Saenz and I’m the founder of MGS Designz and I’m passionate about helping people find success through extraordinary marketing. I understand the complexities of an ever-changing industry and make an effort to help my clients stay current, informed and relevant.  For free marketing advice please feel free to contact me at mgsdesignz@gmail.com to schedule a FREE phone consultation.

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