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Creativity into Wealth

Turn Creativity into Wealth | Written By: Susanna Barkataki, M.Ed. E-RYT

We are reaching a whole new level in this human game.

How we’ve understood human development and psychology is changing.

Heard of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs?
At the base are all the things we need to survive, food, shelter, etc. We need to feel safe and have a place. To give and receive love as well as feel valued. After we get these needs met we can move into self-actualization.

But it doesn’t work in a hierarchical fashion. We can lack basic safety or belonging needs and still be incredibly creative or inventive. At times, even our biggest struggles in any area can lead to complete revolutions in our world. Feel me on this?

What is happening now is something unique. Maslow’s hierarchy is flipping.

In order to be self-actualized, we often must apply our creativity, expression and playfulness to solving problems on other levels such as survival, the need for love, or healthy food.

So, today. Wellness = free-flowing expression of creativity to solve problems and change the world around us.

This new framework leads to a whole new way of conducting and creating business.

When we see entrepreneurship as a vehicle of self-transformation, We’ve become visionary.


Now, we get to act on our vision and use creativity as our tools to make a difference in our worlds, large and small.

Just as the brain is an intricate neural network, like threads connected to millions of points of light illuminating our brains, as we expand our creativity through problem solving, different centers in our brains light up. The more we do this, the more we burn new pathways in our brain, and the more creative potential we tap.

As creative problem-solvers and entrepreneurs, we exercise our brain capacity beyond what we’ve ever used before. This is happening on a collective level. Now, our creative ventures begin to become visionary and light up the world.

We network and connect. We solve problems.

We change ourselves when we connect, have big ideas, create and express them.

The beauty of this neural network is that it doesn’t happen in isolation. It takes collaboration and community to access these new paths of thinking, to create new structures and strategies for change.

I’d like to share a few of the keys to the system I’ve created. It’s something I’ve experienced, refined and am ready to share on how to access and create visionary wellness in business and life.

6 Keys to Turn Your Creativity into Wealth.

1. First thought, best thought.
Let the ideas come, whenever, wherever. Shower, 2 in the morning, during the boring meeting, during the movie.

2. Never say no. Always say Yes! Yes! Yes!
No idea is bad in theory or on paper. Play with it, twist it, turn it around. After all, it could be a kernel waiting to pop!

3. Write those babies down.
Or record them. Evernote them. Doesn’t matter. Just capture them for later rumination. This is why we developed the written word. So we didn’t forget. Or have to store everything in the brain. Once its written down there’s space for the idea to grow. Let it expand. I’ve got whole journals, not to mention Google drive folders, filled with blog post ideas, biz ideas, yoga classes and so on that have never seen the light of day. What gets out there? The good stuff.

4. Play around with your idea like a kid at the waterpark on a hot day.
What happens when you have too much of it? Too little? What happens when it is small scale? Large scale? What if no one had ever heard of it? What if everyone had? Experiments in scale help us understand and expand our creativity.

5. Let your ideas get social.
Share them with your creative team. Great ideas need support. It takes a powerful community to refine and turn these ideas into reality. If you don’t have a creative team, or group of supportive people, create one, asap.

6. Finally, take your beautiful baby and do something with it!
Act! Just act. It might be as big as a business venture, mastermind or book. Or as small as a blog post, conversation or realization. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that we listened, refined, honored and acted on our creative impulse.

As we keep engaging in creative entrepreneurship of the mind, this part of our brains gets more and more limber. Soon, we’ve created a whole new, visionary neural network in our brains.

Just like we’ve created these networks inside our minds, we can create a living replica of them outside of ourselves with our visionary teams and creative cohorts.

Ready to take your creativity, wellness, wealth and impact to the next level? Inspired to deepen your practice? I’d love to talk.

I work with individuals 1 on 1 in online-learning custom coaching programs to transform your life with yoga, Ayurveda, mindfulness, social entrepreneurship and other powerful tools. Learn the art of visionary entrepreneurship to change the way your mind works and open up personal and social creative potential. www.SusannaBarkataki.com

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