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Using your Strengths for Business Success

We all have strengths – lots of them – and we use them in different ways. Strengths help us to problem solve, strengths help us to overcome challenges, and strengths make our lives more meaningful and enjoyable. When we don’t get to use our strengths, we can feel stuck, overwhelmed and chaotic. When we get to use our strengths in new and creative ways, we can feel highly energized and our well-being can increase.

According to the VIA Institute on Character, there are 24 strengths which fit into 6 different categories. Strengths are innate characteristics that we own and celebrate, and also, when we are operating within our strengths, they energize us. Strengths are seen as socially valuable, and when we see others operating from their sources of strengths, it is uplifting for the observers as well.

Today, as I write this, there is a viral video going around about an apparent drag queen (actually a lawyer), dressed as Elsa, who pushed a police van out of a snowdrift. Why has this video been shared so many times so quickly? Of course, it’s hilarious – Elsa, the Queen from Frozen, is rescuing police vans? A man is dressing up as Elsa, complete with heels, in a snowstorm? But I suspect that there is more.

“Elsa” is working from their strengths – they are demonstrating kindness, perseverance, zest, and humour – especially with that curtsy at the end! This is an uplifting video, and people have commented that this, in many ways, shows people at their best. That’s what strengths are – you at your best.

What if you could build your business from a place of strengths?

You might have more energy, more optimism, more success and more fun.

As I write this series, I hope to meet with 24 different women – all business builders – who are working from their different strengths to make successful businesses. Ideally, the universe will align so that I can meet at least one woman who exemplifies each one of the 24 different strengths, but we are all strengths constellations, so we’ll see where that lands. In any case, I am sure that it will be fun and energizing for me (with my strengths of learning and curiosity!) to meet some new people and learn more about how they are leveraging and enjoying their strengths.

If you would like to take the VIA strengths assessment and possibly be featured in an upcoming article, please contact me. You will need to take the VIA assessment (which is free), send me your strengths report (which is free) and have a 45-minute strengths coaching session with me (which will also be free). In return, I ask that I can write about you and your business from a strengths point of view. If that sounds like a good deal to you, then reach out and we’ll connect!



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