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Love Your Work?

Written by Karen Roth

Want to love your work or business again? Here’s how.

Yesterday, I had the most fabulous day – here in Invercargill, New Zealand. I was invited to share my new-found knowledge of developing a fashion brand with about 40 design students at SIT.

SIT (Southern Institute of Technology) was revitalized in 2001 by the New Zealand Government with an innovative initiative called, The Zero Fees Scheme. To reverse the declining population trend in the area, this program provides exceptional education/training in 8 broad interest areas. Students work toward certificate, diploma, bachelor degree, graduate and post-graduate diplomas – all tuition free. 

Wish I had photos, but alas, I forgot to take my camera. I have to say that sometimes, not documenting every waking moment is refreshing.

You might imagine that as an educator/designer, this was a sublime experience for me. Exactly the sort of thing that fuels my entrepreneurial spirit, even more – as if that were possible. I created a brief, 4-minute visual presentation for the students, who of course knew nothing of me or my emergent brand.

Very few experiences compare to that of having the opportunity to share your knowledge with others who are engaged in similar pursuits. I’ve found that teaching can re-energize, re-affirm and clarify your “why?” Moreover, teaching is a way for (sometimes)lonely entrepreneurs to step out of isolation and into community – all the while, giving back. 

But wait, there’s more.

When you teach, YOU learn.

Profound concept, isn’t it?

I remember something a faculty advisor mentioned in one of my grad classes. Nearing graduation, many of us had already begun teaching undergraduates as adjunct professors. To alleviate our anxiety, he shared that we only needed to be ‘just’ ahead of our students – in terms of reading the text. He reminded us that none of us are expected to know everything – we are in fact learning right along with our students in some instances.

And that’s ok.

The best educators are not, know-it-all’s – right? Think back, to your favorite teachers or business leaders – most likely, your favorites embody a combination of humility and wisdom. The best educators know what they know and they know what they don’t know. They aren’t afraid to say, I don’t know, let me check on that for you. Or, acknowledge when they get it wrong. Most importantly, these educators are prepared and willing to learn from their students.

Sharing your authentic experience, without filters, is powerful – for you, and others. 

Do not allow pride or fear to stop you from sharing your knowledge learned in the trenches. 

Shine on.

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