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What are your red shoes?

A few weeks ago, my sister and I helped my 93-year-old grandma get her bedroom cleaned out. Years of stuff that was tucked into every closet, drawer, and box. Many items were thrown out, but much of what we found, that she no longer wanted or used, was given to St. Vincent de Paul.

In her things, we found a pair of red shoes. Grandma explained that she had always wanted to have a pair of red shoes to wear, so she bought a pair. It was not until a couple weeks later when my sister and I were back to help clean out another room, that the significance of those red shoes hit me and hit me hard.

That pair of red shoes had never been worn.

The box had the sales slip still taped to it. We guessed that she would have bought the red shoes in the mid-1980s, prior to her retiring.

My grandma had the red shoes that she had always wanted, but for some reason never got or took the chance to wear them. It made me think of all the things that I want to do and how the days, weeks and months continue to slip by. In 50 years, when I am around the age my Grandma is, am I going to regret never wearing my red shoes?

We all have red shoes. The dreams, hopes, ideas, and plans that we say we will do someday. However, when you reach old age or you are no longer walking this earth, someday becomes the day after never.

DON’T WAIT TO WEAR YOUR RED SHOES – Someday is the day after never.

(I wrote this a year before my Grandma passed away.)



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