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What do you want to be when you grow up?

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I want to be a painter. I want to own a restaurant. I want to be a magician. I want to be a driver. I want to be…….I want to be…..I want to be…..and so on.

If only we could give our 7-year-old self some advice, but what fun would that be. Our imagination soared then, and we had yet to experience the curtain of limitations society and life closed in front of us. This may seem to be a little sad, but the reality is that life happened. Social media has a great way of reminding us that we failed to follow our dreams and passions. We are bombarded with motivational quotes written on pretty images and we soak it up. We do this because we crave it, we need it. So many of us failed to achieve fulfillment from our careers because we ended up in jobs we didn’t like, surrounded by people we would probably would not choose as friends. How did we get it so wrong? Have the millennials figured it out? Many of them choosing life experiences as their most important commodity.

Now what? Can you really get out of the flow? The answer is YES!

Some people have been lucky enough to know exactly what they wanted to do in life and love the career path they’ve followed. Others, however, are still struggling to find where their true passions lie. Doing what you love and loving what you do is important for long-term personal and professional satisfaction and success, but how exactly do you follow your heart and find a job or start a business that you truly enjoy?

Here are some steps to consider:

Do some soul searching

Figure out what you enjoy. What comes to mind quickly when you think of what brings your joy? Write a list and try to figure out how you could transfer this into a career or business you would like.

Take the time to make it happen

For many, this means keeping the 9 – 5 and focusing on a side hustle. Double down your time and efforts. It takes work, lots of it. Find ways to work out your side hustle to a main hustle.

Be realistic

There is no magic solution to making it happen. If your side hustle is your passion and you see yourself moving away from your 9-5, you will need to invest as much time, if not more, into it. Financially, this may mean having less resources for a while, be ready to deal with those commitments.

Find your tribe

If running your own business is your path, know that it can be a lonely road ahead. Surround yourself with supportive people. People are people, and you will find that no everyone will be as excited as you when you share that you are quitting your job and starting “xyz” business. Be cautious of who let in and free your brain of negative clutter.

Find mentors

Connect with likeminded people. You can find them on many online platforms but the most valuable support you get is in person. Networking can help boost your confidence and it will provide you with new opportunities. Meeting people isn’t always easy, so be sure of your plan and try to imagine your perfect network. Understand what you are looking for and what you may need help with. Many professionals and entrepreneurs are ready to help. It pays to find the right people. It’s ok to ask for help.

Don’t wait around

Simple as that. It you are indeed looking to run your own business, procrastinating will be the death of that dream. Do it, do it now, do it well. If a new career is what you are after, then focus on that goal, every single day.

Be patient

Get ready to struggle. Most businesses are only profitable after 2 or 3 years. Ask yourself, can you deal with the financial stress? If you have a family, what will the impact be? The good news is that you will get there. With the right mindset and the proper tools, your dreams will come true. Your passion, drive and hard work will provide you that lifestyle you dreamed of when you sat in your cubicle, finishing tasks that no one really cared about, for work that had little impact on our lives…..If owning your own business is not the answer but instead, you want to work for an organization that is in line with you values, be ready to accept a role that may pay less and be ranked lower in the organization’s flow chart.

So now, ask yourself, what do you want to be when you grow up…..

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