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WHAT I LEARNED ABOUT REBRANDING // Shared by Founder of FemCity Violette de Ayala

Most brands evolve during the development. Sometimes brands continue to evolve through the course of their growth and to remain fresh. We recently rebranded to open up our community to those that didn’t feel like they really belonged.

AirBNB, Netflix and many others grow extend and want to connect further with the people they serve. We found ourselves in the same scenario this summer as we chatted about our future and the way we impact the lives of women.

At our start FemCity was a word we used to describe our communities. It was easier to remember, locate and hashtag. As the years progressed, we continued to grow and flourish. We came to a crossroad this summer and we found ourselves connected more to FemCity and we made the change.

More and more women seemed to connect more with FemCity. It was more open, positive, and embracing. For FEMS that come to us, Femfessionals didn’t connect with where they were at that moment as they balanced between the worlds of corporate lives and business launching. FemCity seemed to resonate with FEMS that have side hustles, just starting out in business or aspire to create something new.

What I learned about Rebranding

1. It’s never too late // I was chatting with Joan Barnes, Founder of Gymboree. She shared her story of rebranding from KinderGym to Gymboree even after launching successfully a variety of franchises and a recent PR write up in Newsweek. She reiterated to me that even years in, it may make sense to rebrand if the words no longer fit the brand. Gymboree grew into a billion-dollar entity.
2. You get closer to your business soul // when we continuously stay connected to the people we serve in our community and still aspire to serve them unconditionally, edits and adjustments may be needed to allow them a deeper connectivity to your brand. Meet them where they are at… speak in a voice that they hear profoundly and connect to the core of what they search for.
3. Confirmation in it all // As we started to noodle on the change, we discussed the idea with those that have created larger brands then we currently have along with hundreds of FEMS we serve. Your gut will know which way to go, it will receive confirmation from those you respect and admire and you will know there is no other way but this route.

Stay connected to your community , the clients you serve and the way you connect with them. Be in line with the overall vision for your creation and the positive impact it will have in your community and across the globe. Perhaps its just a few edits and tweaks to embrace more into the service of your business.

Violette is the Founder of FemCity [a global online and local community for women entrepreneurs and Femfessionals], a small business expert, writer and mother of three. A serial entrepreneur with 20-plus years of experience, Violette is passionate about supporting women entrepreneurs through business growth, big vision strategies and positivity. For more inspiration and business tips, visit our online classroom. 

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  • Flora Gutierrez-Sanchez / 11 August 2016 11:38

    Amazing article which has so much truth!! #Branding is such an important aspect of any business which you hit the point. I would also like to add that we can always Rebrand when we feel there a need to switch or make adjustments. Never feel bad rebrand when you find a different nitch or connection in your community, you stay connected with those around you to listen to what they need, and always find someone who you can confirm with others who have been successful within their larger organizations. I always encourage entrepreneurs that it’s never too late to start over!!

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