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What to do when you’re stuck on an emotional roller coaster in your business

Here’s an insight I want to share with y’all today about the emotional roller coaster you can get stuck on in your business.

Here’s the pattern I see with conscious entrepreneurs:

You make a decision that you want to move forward in your business: reach a new financial goal, launch a new product/service, hire a new team member, etc.

You begin building momentum toward what you truly desire. You are taking actions toward your purpose. You are showing up in new ways in your business. You are gaining traction. You are starting to see some results. You even allow yourself to get a little excited!

Then one morning you wake up in complete terror. You feel like nothing is working, that you are a fraud, like you don’t know what to do in your business to move it forward, and you are in crippling self-doubt. You forget how to market to your audience, you decide your product/service sucks, you bemoan where you are at financially. You think you’re not cut out to be an entrepreneur.

This is what is actually happening. You are moving toward a tipping point. You’re actually getting QUITE close to your desire, but you’ve hit something commonly called the Terror Barrier. The Terror Barrier is when your ego is rearing it’s head to do EVERYTHING it can to keep you from moving forward. All of a sudden, you can think of EVERY. POSSIBLE. REASON. your business isn’t working and you can’t think of anything else.

This is actually a gorgeous sign that what you are doing is WORKING. Seriously. And the path through is to continue to take ACTION toward your DESIRE. If you back down at this point your ego will win, and you will not achieve your desire. AND, next time you make a powerful decision in your business and move towards something new your ego will stop you AGAIN, and more QUICKLY.

Did I mention action is the path through? This is NOT a time to feel your feelings more. When you feel fear, and you do not literally have a bear trying to attack you, or someone pointing a gun at you, or another imminent threat to your physical safety, the fear is simply a manifestation of the ego. It is NOT real. Trying to heal your fear is not the path forward, taking action aligned to your desire is.

I’d love to know your thoughts on this topic!

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