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What To Do With Over 3,000 “Friends”

I have over 3,000 “friends” on social media, now what?

I was updating my bio info in my social media account, as I’ve been doing every so often while I adjust and figure out what feels right for the message I am conveying in my business and personal life, when I noticed I have over 3,000 connections!

At first, I felt excitement. Like, whoa I know over 3,000 people!! I want to connect more, let me start checking out everyone’s profiles and reaching out and see what they’re up to.

Then, that excitement started to fade to feelings of not being enough as I started looking through the profiles of those I was connected to. I caught myself doing THE worst thing to do on social media ever – comparing myself to others. I started thinking things like, “Sally goes to the beach and shops every day? Whoa whoa whoa – John, who never went to class in high school and lived in his parents basement until he was 30 now lives in a penthouse with his model wife who posts selfies of her perfect body all day, meanwhile I’ve been busting my butt since I was of legal working age and I’m still working on getting my own business to the level I want it to be? …OK STOP DANIELLE”

After I grounded myself and took a deep breath I thought to myself, who else gets stuck in comparison mode? Can you relate? Why is it that we can so easily get lost in comparison and feelings of not being enough when ultimately, you should be looking to others for inspiration and motivation, NOT comparison. Especially, when you have no idea what those others have been through to get to where they are today. 

So what do you do with those 3,000 friends? Support their posts, like things they share that resonate with you. Congratulate them on their accomplishments and most importantly, know that YOU are amazing and on the path you’re meant to be, so keep on going! You never know who is looking to you for inspiration and motivation. You be you and let them be them. 


Danielle Woolley is passionate about assisting people with investing in their health and businesses to have the ability to be more, have more and do more, whatever more means for them. She truly believes that you can be everything that you are meant to be in this life. You can connect with her at danielleb@gmail.comhttps://femcity.com/monmouth or via social media!

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