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Shared by Violette de Ayala, Founder of FemCity®

As you may have noticed, the word FemCity has made a comeback and Femfessionals is taking a back seat. If you have been following us for a few years, you know that FemCity has been a part of us since the start. Every community was named FemCity and the hashtags included the term as well.

As we continued to grow and expand, the word FemCity grew with us. FemCity became synonymous with an inclusive community for women in business or women thinking of launching a business. It seemed to open its arms to those struggling between the worlds of full-time and self-employment.

FemCity means a world of positivity. FemCity means a community of FEMS committed to helping each other grow business together. FemCity means it’s a network serving all women.

Over the next few weeks you will continue to see more of FemCity. Femfessionals will always be what we are, our mamma bear and our start. FemCity allows us to focus locally while staying connected globally.

Welcome back, Ms. FemCity! Thank you for connecting us.

For more on how to get involved with FemCity® join us here. Interested in launching a FemCity®? read more and apply today.

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