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Why You Need a Mentor | Written by Pasha Davis

Regardless if you’re in corporate America, an entrepreneur, or somewhere in between, you need a mentor to succeed. A mentor is someone that can provide guidance, hold you accountable, or just help you become a better person. And while one person can do all these things, there’s nothing wrong with having a variety of mentors that serve specific purposes.

As a business entrepreneur, I have several mentors that serve different purposes.

Mentor 1 helps me process and organize my ideas and thoughts, while giving me additional ideas. She helps keep me focused on what’s important, while incorporating my ideas slowly and efficiently. (The worst thing is to have so many ideas floating around in our head [or on paper] and not have a plan for what to do with them.)

Mentor 2 is an industry colleague that helps me grow my brand within the industry. While I’m only one part of this industry, she has showed me how I can learn A LOT from my fellow colleagues that can help me make connections, market my business, and slowly become the expert within my field.

Mentor 3 is someone that essentially calls me on my s@*t and puts me in my place when needed. (I’m normally the person that call people on their s@*t, so it’s nice to have someone do it to me. Plus, it keeps me grounded.) She holds me accountable for my actions and doesn’t allow me to make any excuses for my shortcomings.

Regardless of the type of mentor you choose to have, I highly recommend having someone that can guide you through the ups and downs of business. Whether you’re trying to make a name for yourself in your industry or you’re trying to move up the corporate ladder, a mentor can help you succeed with your goals.

Pasha Davis is a Femfessional President and Regional Director. She is passionate about helping women be the best versions of themselves, both personally and professionally. Check our her blog here.

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  • Virginia Anderson / 18 February 2016 1:59

    I have known fur awhile that a mentor would be useful for guiding me to the next level of growth. I just don’t know where to find one?
    The normal mentoring program through the American Translators Association is designed for solo-preneurs who write translations themselves. That used to be me. Now I have several employees and delegate most production.
    Lots of places have training for start-ups, but I started 20 years ago. Today I need to learn higher level sales and ops strategies. I also fit into a service industry that is unfamiliar to many Small Business counsellors.

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