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Winner’s Mentality

Written By: Jessica Passman, COO & General Counsel for Femfessionals

Recently I was asked by creativeroom4talk.com for my best advice for being creative and having a winner’s mentality. The following is what I wrote.

Allow yourself the freedom to be creative. Creativity comes in many forms.  There is traditional creativity like art, music and writing. Then there is non-traditional creativity, like entrepreneurism. Turning an idea into a business takes maximum creativity and confidence. I am more of a non-traditional creative type.

Confidence is key. Confidence is truly believing in yourself. Your path may not always be easy. In fact, there may be times when you question your decisions. Confidence will help propel you forward past any bumps in the road. We all have so many unique and amazing qualities. Trust and support your unique qualities.

Give yourself time and support to fully develop your idea. Realize that no one knows everything. Experts research things and ask others for their input. I research everything. There is nothing wrong with asking questions and getting feedback from others. Such activities can be extremely beneficial to your development and the development of your idea. This has been integral to the development Femfessionals.

Get uncomfortable! Doing something that is out of your comfort zone is always accompanied by the risk of failure. However, pushing yourself allows you to grow and develop on many levels. If you want to grow, you need to push yourself beyond what you are already doing and know. Failing is significant for one reason, and that is for the opportunity to learn. There is so much to learn from your failures, especially about yourself. Every mistake is an opportunity to grow. I always make sure to evaluate and learn from my mistakes [and to not make the same mistake again].

Stay positive. Your perspective, i.e. how you look at things, is huge! I happen to be a very positive and hopeful person. When something doesn’t go how I would have hoped, I do my best to turn it around. Sometimes you need to switch gears and change directions. Being able to go with the flow and let go of something that is not working is important in moving forward. Going with the flow is a skill that I have learned and developed over time [it didn’t come naturally].

Lastly, seize the opportunity! Sometimes you come across something or someone that inspires you. Several years ago, I met my current business partner Violette. I was inspired to work with her to develop Femfessionals. We happen to be the most perfect partner match [yin and yang with a lot in common]. I saw an opportunity and did whatever I could to make it happen. We have been working together for the last 6+ years bringing Femfessionals across the country and now around the Globe.

Trust and support yourself. Allow yourself to be who you are. The possibilities are endless…

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