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Woman Power and The Shift

I’ve been talking about “the shift” for over 10 years now.

Over the years, I’ve been walking along this winding path, connecting with people along the way who have been waking up to their own inner awareness, their energetic beingness, and their power.

It started with a small group of what I’d call “high-level” healers — a small band of women. We started having conversations around light language and grids, long before those became known to the masses.

There was no talk of “Lightworkers” then, we were doing work that felt guided… and we were learning as we went.

In an instant, however, there were Lightworkers everywhere. And all of a sudden I was speaking to them. I was working with them as they up-leveled their energy and transformed their energetic systems into crystalline structures to hold more light.

Then there was a pause… a long pause. I got lost in that. I wondered what I was doing. I felt like I was on hold. Personally, I felt as though I didn’t know what my work was about anymore. “Work” even felt as though it stopped for me. I dropped into struggle, financial struggle even.

I was disheartened in many ways.

I knew I was a healer and was here to do this work of helping women have an experience of their energy — to recognize that they are energetic beings, yet still totally capable of being in their everyday lives.

I knew I was here to help people transform both their everyday experience and also their spiritual one. I knew I was here to affect change through energetic awareness.

But I was having trouble finding my tribe. I really felt lost.

I realized I was in my own crystalline state; a metamorphosis. Quite honestly I didn’t fit in with those who I had been helping shift for so long… the Lightworkers.

I was actually angry. There was so much lack and struggle in the world of the “energy healer.”

Resentment was creeping into my work. I felt like if I heard the word “empath” one more time in the context of someone not being able to handle the world around them, I’d lose it! I wanted to be around powerful women… women who were showing up, and still energy aware.

I wasn’t finding them.

What I was attracting to me were people who mirrored my own inner victim. Every time I’d hear someone tell me how their “sensitivities” kept them from their own success, something within me would scratch to get out.

I finally said no more.

I needed to step out of that room where so many gifted healers were, who were also unwilling to let go of that story of lack and powerlessness; who’s story was of sensitivity over a being a powerful messenger. As much as I wanted to help them, I knew I wasn’t meant to be in that room. It was keeping me from what I was here to do.

It was a hard time for me to step away from that. I struggled with how I was to serve… who I was to serve.

But my own inner transformation was in play. I was altering my own internal position around my personal power. Where I had hidden away for so long was finally breaking apart and I was finding a new voice.

Finding my way.

The last year or so I’ve been finding my footing. The last several months brought on some weird, excruciating birth.

I have been finding my voice. I have been stepping out and putting actual language to my understanding of what I do, who I do it for, and why. I’ve been challenged by the Universe putting all kinds of things on hold as I sort things out… and challenged by loving friends who kept me to my task.

Then this political shit-storm opened up around us, and I felt as though something cracked open. It has moved me forward one more time on that path of mine.

What I recognized was, I was on hold there for a while as I lined up to help the people who were in the eye of the storm when it comes to the next phase of the awakening.

Energy work as activism

I see all this chaos as part of “the awakening.” What has happened in our world in the last 3 weeks even has both terrified me beyond belief and inspired me.

What it’s done for me personally has galvanized an awareness of me as “healer.”

Energy as activism has been a phrase that keeps ringing in my ear. What that means to me is to use my gift as a healer, one who helps people to both shift their awareness and do something with that, to help those who are holding the biggest piece of this global transformation.

And it’s women, everyday women, who are waking up and realizing that their world — the world — must change. It’s those women who I am finding now as I walk that path of ascension who are doing so much transformation right now.

Quite honestly, they have been showing up in my life and my work more and more as of late. The Universe has been putting them on my path as both teachers and those who I have been practicing being the “real me” with. I’ve been working with amazing women who see the need to take their good lives and make them great; to step into more personal power to do what they are really here to do.

I have always believed that those who find their way into my work reflect what I am doing too… we are all shifting together. I do what I know.

So here’s what I think. Women are leading the charge right now.

The Shift, the Ascension… this global up-leveling of our consciousness is in the hands of women at the moment.

I believe that women who are out there in corporate America, who are running their own businesses, who are juggling so much in their daily lives are doing the big work around shifting consciousness (both personal and global) at the moment.

I’m not just talking about a political awakening… that’s happening. But I’m talking about women waking up – literally – and realizing one day over that cup of coffee that their lives must change. What is, no longer fits.

I am seeing women who are seeking change at this level as part of a re-organization that needs to happen for there to be the next level of change in the world.

Certainly, there is an uprising in play that is in response to the “war on women.” But all the personal change I am seeing all of a sudden around work — where women fit into various organizations and what people are doing as work in the world — has women all of a sudden realizing that they need that new job, or need to leave their job to go write that book or take on something new.

What I see is, a whole lot of women moving their energy and talents about on the grand chess board.

This re-organization of both personal power and where they are placing themselves for optimal impact has women lining themselves up to not only affect change but to be in the position to stabilize it within whatever system or organization they work within.


Women are stepping it up and anchoring in a whole lot of powerful energy right now.

There’s an energetic story within that, that says ascension to me. It’s personal transformation, but the fact that it’s happening en mass moves the world forward in new ways.

Yes; there is spirituality in there too.

Many women in transition are indeed finding there is a need to reconnect — or perhaps connecting for the first time — to one’s inner wisdom and intuition; to become energy-aware. But what comes out of that is to use that intuitive awareness and inner wisdom as a tool for success… to take action from an aligned place.

There is a force that is growing. There is no doubt that women everywhere are rising up into a new energetic awareness that impacts who they are and what they want to do to change the world.


All I can say is I am happy to be on the road with you… I can’t wait to meet you. If you need help, that’s what I am here for.

About Stacy

 Stacy Vajta is an intuitive healer, teacher, and mentor, with over 30 years experience working with women to break through the core patterns that hold them back from living a life they love. Her work is a blend of powerful transformative energy healing, intuitive work, coaching and mentoring, all designed to help you clarify what’s going on, break through what has you stuck and create an easier way to move you forward.

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