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Women Evolving through Menopause

Women moving into their Power

Much has been written and said about this stage in a woman’s life already. I feel a more in-depth view is necessary especially at this time. As a collective we still are buying into the mainstream views of menopause. This is still hurting a lot of women who are in identifying them, causing anxiety and depression. It can lead to physical disease. It is easy to fall into the trap of society that something is wrong and we need medical help; or being disempowerment by labels like empty nest syndrome.

The pharmaceutical industry has successfully staged menopause as illness and a time of danger.

It can be hard for us women to get over these misconceptions. Literature has pictured women like Barbie dolls showing us how we supposed to look even going into our 50s and 60s. Images of older women bend an unhappy are used to sell menopausal drugs. As a homeopath I knew that the body experiences 50 metabolic changes from taking synthesized estrogen. I am against any kind of suppressive steroids. There other ways to help us through this time with a more natural and gentle support.

In my praxis I experienced how important the emotional empowering assistance is.

In many cultures older women contribute to the life of the community, we could take advantage of their wisdom and their life experience. Reaching that stage of maturity is not an end to sexuality. We are not a passive vessel and useless above being a nurturer, mother or family caretaker. It is time to remember that many of our mammal sisters were the hunters, pack leaders, the She-lion with her siblings who were holding the community together; they were raising the young when the males left to join another pack.

We evolved from these ancient sisters into clan Leaders, Healers and Wise ones.

Our She-Elders were honored and respected in many cultures. They passing down the meaning of life the knowledge of the plant and mineral kingdom and the moral codes down to generations they know about how the ups and downs within the women’s bodies matches the monthly heartbeats of the earth beats, the balance between the full and the new Moon. Women have a very special brain function that links the 2 halves of the brain; they both fire up simultaneously when she thinks, that is the gift of seeing things from a broader perspective and enables us to multitask when necessary.

Our culture has to stop dishonoring the aging woman. Menopause is an evolutionary human development, without our healthy elder women we would not know the things we know. Women have known the secrets of the plants and herbs since the dawn of time. Now is the time to remember how to use them for distress in menopause and other women issues on all levels, physically, mentally and emotionally. There are a great variety of remedies that can assist without suppressing or causing side effects, best under the supervision of a Homeopath.

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