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Women Who Lack Confidence

Have you ever complimented a woman? I have. “Girl, that dress is so cute!” I’ll say. To which she’ll reply, “Really?” Then she’ll glance down shyly before explaining, “I bought this dress years ago. I actually forgot I still had it. I think it’s a little too tight around my hips. These darn hips!” Then she’ll giggle awkwardly before continuing, “The dress is a little worn, you know. But yeah, I guess it’s pretty cute.” By the time she’s done diluting your compliment, you’ve started wondering what was cute about it in the first place.


Sound familiar?


Unfortunately, this is the truth for many of the women I meet. They have grown so accustomed to comparing themselves to other women that they’ve become discouraged and insecure. This applies to more than self-image and dresses, though. Studies show that only 30% of women consider themselves confident when it comes to career and finances. That’s one out of every three women!


As a businesswoman, I strongly believe in supporting other women in their personal, financial, and career growth. For over two decades, I have helped hundreds of women increase their self-esteem and tenacity. This inevitably improves their career and financial resources. One is integral to the other.


Through hypnotherapy and business coaching, I have developed an effective treatment catered specifically to businesswomen looking to improve their relationship to self and their relationship to money and work. Hypnotherapy is a relaxing, effective, and natural form of treatment that involves an interactive process to redirect the attention of both the conscious and subconscious mind where low self-esteem develops and festers. Hypnotherapy for self-esteem can create immediate positive changes in your perception of self-worth and self-acceptance. By changing your relationship to self, you’ll inevitably experience positive changes in your external circumstances, particularly when it comes to your career goals and ambitions. In other words, by treating your subconscious mind, you’ll achieve long-lasting and deep change both internally and externally.






The treatment plan for low self-esteem must be customized to each individual client’s particular case. There is no “one plan fits all.” I will work with you to determine your emotional triggers and overcome the cycle of negative self-talk and inner intolerance. You can live in peace. What’s more, you can bring this newfound sense of confidence and empowerment into your business, creating positive change and improvement.


Changing your life starts by changing your attitude. If you love and appreciate yourself, everything else will follow. If you’d like to further discuss hypnosis for self-esteem, call me, Sheena Eizmendiz at 786.522.5464. Your initial consultation is FREE.


Written by: Sheena Eizmendiz @ Miami Hypnosis Center

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