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3 Tips to Working ON Your Business Not IN Your Business | Written By: Michele Scism 

Do you remember what you thought having a business would be like? Were you dreaming of having more freedom, time and money? You probably had visions of spending a lot of time at the beach or on the golf course…and then reality set in.

You became a slave to your business. Instead of you running it, “It” ran you. I coach many entrepreneurs who admit their desire to just “run away”; they feel like owning a business just isn’t for them.  I hate to see good entrepreneurs failing when the truth is; all they need to do is change a few things in their business. I’m going to share with you 3 things that I teach my private clients so that you can work ON your business and not IN it!

1. Change the way you think – Get rid of your employee mentality! You’re an entrepreneur now; it’s time to start thinking like an owner or at least managing like one.  Delegate tasks. Every day my goal is to give away 80% of my to-do-list. This is the only way you’ll be able to do less, but get more done.

2.Change the way you plan – I set a goal to move into the multiple six figures-and I did it! Setting big goals is achievable when you break it into manageable pieces. Let’s say you want to make $100,000 a year. Well let’s break that down to $8,500 a month.

How is that going to happen? Any of these plans would work, but which would work for you?

*Four $2,000 platinum coaching clients

*29 people in $297 virtual day or a group coaching program

*181 people buying your $47 e-book

With a basic goal in place, now you can think about how you’re going to get to that goal.  What steps will you take to get new clients? Networking, blogging, live-events, etc., make a plan and stick to it!

3. Change the way you charge – This is a big mistake I see people make all the time.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again; it’s easier to make 1 $5,000 sale than 25 $200 sales! Are you listening? You’re actually hurting your business by setting your prices too low. How trustworthy is the doctor who will only charge you $200 for surgery? What about the business coach that charges $10 an hour? People would be skeptical to hire either one because everyone knows you get what you pay for!

A client of mine was offering to map out a complete, automated marketing funnel for $197. Even though she knew it was worth much more, she was too afraid to set the price any higher. How many people do you think snatched up this “great” deal? Zero! People don’t trust offers that sound too good to be true! She raised the price to $997 and immediately began to sell packages regularly. If you don’t value your product or service, others won’t either. One of the best-kept secrets to working ON your business and not IN it is to make bigger sales with fewer clients!

How do you change the way you plan and change the way you charge? That is exactly what I am going to teach during my upcoming Business Building Bootcamp on June 9th, 2016. For more information and to reserve your seat visit http://TheBusinessBuildingBootcamp.com.


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