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Stumbling Block or Stepping Stone? | Written By: Colleen Lloyd-Roberts

There are days we win and days we lose. The way to turn your losing days into winning days is to look at them carefully and I mean really study them hard and ask yourself “What can I learn here?” “What opportunity is buried in this heaping pile of defeat?”

There is ALWAYS a seed of equivalent benefit in every single defeat. All you have to do is find that tiny seed of hope or opportunity or lesson and water it, nurture it and grow it into a massive opportunity.

The words “equivalent benefit” literally mean “equal value or opportunity.”  That means that as big or small of a defeat that you experienced there is the same degree of big or small opportunity. Kind of makes you really want to hit rock bottom now that you know you’ll end up a rockstar, doesn’t it?

If you CHOOSE to study your defeat, find the opportunity and then act on it, you will turn defeat into a stepping stone. Practice doing this every time something negative happens in your life and you will develop the personal habit of “opportunity finding.”  Eventually you will get to the point where you no longer see moments of defeat or failure, you automatically see moments of opportunity and success. It is a bit like going to the gym in order to get the lean taut muscles you have to keep working out consistently. The same thing applies with strengthening your mind and conditioning it to look for opportunity. Do it on a regular basis, refuse to see the negative, always look for opportunity and you will find your mind has strengthened and your imagination will run wild with ideas and opportunities.

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