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Your Greatness

How do you step into your greatness? Shared by Violette de Ayala // Founder of Femfessionals

Often I witness women trying to be like others. If you are a business coach, then you want to be like Marie Forleo. If you are a Fitness Guru, then you want to be like Kayla Itsines. While being inspired by others is a way to grow your business and set off your creativity exponentially, the comparison model of wanting to be exactly like someone else will deter your growth.

I teach and write often about everyone’s potential to be “great”. I truly believe each one of us is destined for tremendous movements to benefit the world. How do we step into our greatness if we are focused on others? How do we become authentic if we are grasping to be someone else? My intention is to assist you and your vision to step into your authentic greatness, and use your business and voice to leave a grand positive impact in your community and world.

When we review life and see others that stopped comparing, and instead embraced who they authentically are, their lives shifted and grand possibilities were achieved. They stepped into their greatness.

Oprah Winfrey was a news anchor and successful in her local Chicago role. However, she was fired for being too emotional and deeply connected to her news stories. She dipped in her career and then blossomed into her greatness. What would have happened had she given up? Where would she be if she set her vision on staying a local anchor? What if she compared herself to others and wasn’t open to the opportunity that took her elsewhere? Her current net worth is $3 Billion.

Ellen DeGeneres was comparable to many comedians when she first started out in her career.  As many of us know, she lost her job because of her authentic self. She dove out of that role and stepped into her greatness. What if she had not shared who she really was? Would she have remained a sitcom actress? What if she had never envisioned creating an iconic show? Her current earnings are $75 million.

Elizabeth Gilbert lost her ground after her divorce and followed that phase with a transitional awakening. What if she had compared herself to other colleagues? What if she hadn’t listened to her higher purpose? Her current worth is now $25 million.

Beyond the financial rewards, there is something greater. They hit a rock and used it as a platform to embrace their truth, authenticity and their uniqueness. When we speak from the heart, when we follow our passion and we use our own voice that is unique to our spirit, grandness in our destiny responds.

No one could have seen how the story would play out for any of them. Yet they stepped out of the comparison mode and embraced their authenticity.

There is no better you than you. There is no more important person that can shine like you than you. It’s time to step out of your paradigm of mediocrity and comparison vibes and step into your unique possibilities.  Your greatness is waiting.

Violette is the Founder of Femfessionals [a global online and local community for women entrepreneurs], a small business expert, writer and mother of three. A serial entrepreneur with 20-plus years of experience, Violette is passionate about supporting women entrepreneurs through business growth, big vision strategies and positivity.

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